How to Reset Jiofi Password? Full Guide

How to Reset Jiofi Password? Full Guide

Reset Jiofi Password: Hi friends welcome to jio TV blogger. Today you will learn about how to reset your jiofi password and jiofi name. Nowadays the internet is very easy as compared to lost previous days. We all of them connected through the internet. The internet is the only way to connect anyone at any time. In that way, jio provides unlimited internet at high speed. After launching Android smartphone most of the people use the smartphone for hotspot connectivity on other devices like PC laptop other smartphones. But this is not a convenient way to use the internet all the time. That is the reason for the Reliance jio provides jiofi Wi-Fi device. 
How to Reset Jiofi Password
How to Reset Jiofi Password
You can easily connect you are with jio fi Hotspot and enjoying unlimited Internet access with high speed. You can also change your Username and password for remember easily. Most of the people maybe forget their password and username. So they are searching How to reset jiofi password? in google or other search engines. Here in this article, you will learn about How to Reset Jiofi Password?

About jiofi hotspot device:

The Reliance launch jiofi hotspot device for internet users. Most of the people are using the internet at full time. So they need good internet connection like jio. Using this jiofi hotspot device you can easily wirelessly connect multiple devices. Before connecting multiple devices you will need to search for SSID or Network ID using this wifi. You can also set your username and password. The Jiofi hotspot device provides very high-speed internet. It is the portable device that allows you to create wifi at ant where and anytime.  So you can use the internet without any interruption. 

How to Reset Jiofi password?

Every jiofi device comes with a password on the device below and also on the jiofi box. This password is very important to login to the network from any device. After login with password, you can start browsing and enjoys high-speed internet. The Jiofi username and password is unique for every jiofi users. The users can change username and password for their convenience because the personal password and username are easy to remember. If you forget your password then this post very helps to you. We guide you to reset your password and set a new password. So keep reading this complete article and get full details about How to reset Jiofi password?

How to change jiofi password and user name?

Before Reset Jiofi Password First, you just know about changing the jiofi password. The Jiofi default password is very difficult to remember. So the users like to change the jiofi password for their convenience.  It is very simple steps to change the jiofi password. If the user sets the password then they easily remember it. So it is very secure and safe. Also, the default jiofi username is like jiofi12-11A567, Jiofi12-A566. These user names are not easy to remember. So you can easily change your jiofi username with very simple steps.
How to Reset Jiofi Password
How to Reset Jiofi Password

Before the change the jiofi password and username firstly you have to login in at http://jiofi.local.html/ with jiofi username and password. The jiofi username and password is placed on your device backside or also placed on jiofi box. 
  • Once you log in the page you will see the dashboard page. There are many options available in the dashboard.
  • In the sidebar on the left side Just click the settings and after that Wifi configuration option.
  • Here the first option will be SSID name. If you want to change the username you can change it from here. 
  • In the middle option is security key is which your wifi password. Just click the backspace button and select your old password and enter a new password.
  • After entering your new password then just click the apply button. Now it will ask you to restart your device. Click on the ok button and restart your device. 
  • Finally, the jiofi password is changed and you will connect jiofi with your new password.

How to reset Jio password?

From the above steps, you can easily change your user name and password but if you forget your username and password then there is the only way to reset your jio device password. Once you reset your jiofi device it will be in default setting as like a new device. After that, you can modify your user name and password. But most of the people don’t know how to reset jiofi password? Here we provide very simple steps to reset your jiofi password. Just follow these below steps and reset your jiofi password.
  • Turn on the jiofi router by pressing the power button 5 seconds.
  • Now remove the back cover.
  • Search the Reset option on the side of the WPS button.
  • Use a pin or any other suitable object to press the button. (Avoid any sharp object as it may damage your device)
  • Press and hold the button for 30 seconds.
  • Now your jiofi router will robot automatically.
  • Connect your jio router to your PC and log in with http://jiofi.local.html/. 
  • Now you can set your new user name and password.
We hope this article very helps you to get details about how to Reset jiofi password? If you have any struggle to reset your jiofi password just ask free on the comment box. Thanks for the reading article. Keep in touch with us for more updates on Jio.

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