Jio APN Settings for Access High Speed Internet - Guide

Jio APN Settings for Access High Speed Internet - Guide

Jio APN settings:  Hi friends welcome to jio world. Our technical team provides many tips and tricks regarding jio. In that way today we are going to guide you on how to enable jio APN settings. I think all of you know about APN settings right? If you don't know about the jio APN settings just read this complete article and get full details about jio APN settings and how to set a pin on your smartphone.
Jio APN Settings

Are you searching for jio APN settings for Android iOS our life? Then you are in the correct place, here we provide the guide for how to set jio APN settings? APN is the most important for running high-speed internet. You are facing any problem regarding internet speed then this article is very helpful to you. So keep reading this complete article jio APN settings and enjoy with high-speed internet.

What is APN?

Access point name is the very most important for running high-speed internet smoothly. Some of the people have jio Sim cannot access high-speed internet also they can't make a call without an internet connection because of their phone configuration. You can easily Be Modifying your jio internet configuration and access that high-speed internet setting. APN is the only reason for getting high-speed internet. It is the type of service for contacting the mobile data. If you want to high speed internet smartphone then you need set jio APN settings. 

Where is APN located?

Go to settings and click the mobile network.
In the next menu, you will see the option of access point name.
If you have dual sim phone there will be 2 APN names.
You can easily be modifying your AP and names at getting the high-speed internet.
APM structure:
There are two basics structures are available in APN is given below
  • Network identifier
  • Operator identifier

Network identifier:

The network identifier is used to identification of the packet data network at the GPRS supported node is the kind of Administration the client wishes to access. This identifier is the competitive name identifying with the coding configuration of web URL which contains three labels and these labels are the public land mobile network. 

Operated identifier:

This is one of the parts of jio APN settings. It is derived after that network identifier is given. The clients can give the input of operator identifier and it is used in a public land mobile network. 

Jio APN settings:

The internet speed is depending on APN setting configuration. The configuration settings may also different based on your smartphone configuration. The internet also automatically configured based on the speed of the internet. So you just need to change your APN settings configuration to access the high-speed internet. If the network speed is slow the jio customer support will help us to your queries.
Jio APN Settings

Steps involved in jio APN settings:

The jio APN settings play a major role in making high-speed internet. There are many networks are available APN settings depending on their domain names like jio. But jio is the first network to reach every part of our country to make high-speed internet access. Now doing these below steps and you can access the high-speed internet on your smartphone.
  • Go to settings and click the mobile network:
  • Select the network mode and set into LTE, GSM, WCDMA. 
  • Now select APN and choose jio 4G.
  • Set the APN name to jio net.
  • Now you can set your proxy port username and password do not set.
  • Depending on your smartphone device the MNC value would vary.
  • Set MMSC authentication type and MMS proxy to not set. The settings depend on our area. So don’t change MCC and MNC settings.
  • Set protocol to iPv6 or ipv4 to boost the speed of the network. The AP protocol and APN roaming protocol should be IPv4 . 
Jio APN Settings

How to set jio APN settings for windows phone?

The jio for G voice app is not available in Windows phone. You want to make a voice call. But you can access 4G data with high speed.
  • Go to settings and select the mobile GSM option.
  • Now you will see the option of the access point.
  • Option put the name jio and APN name is jio net.
  • It will show prompt tab like this tap ok to Proceed or tap cancel to enter APN settings.
  • Click ok and active the APN settings.

How to change jio APN settings on the iPhone?

  • Connect your iPhone with Wi-Fi
  • Open the Safari browser and go to
  • Once the site opens just scroll down then you can see the option of creating APN.
  • Click the create APN option
  • Now a new page is open and it will ask you to install profile.
  • Click on install option to changing the jio APN settings.
I hope this article very helps to know about jio APN settings and how to enable it. After modifying your APN settings you can enjoy the high-speed internet provided by jio. If you have any doubt this article just ask free on the comment box.

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